Chocolate is a flagship product of Belgian craftsmanship. But where in the world does it sell the most?

There are chocolate shops all over Brussels. Impressive quantities of chocolate are sold there every day. But where in the world does the most chocolate sell?

A very well chosen nickname for belgian chocolate

It’s at Brussels Airport. Foreign tourists returning home or Belgians visiting relatives buy more than 650 tons of chocolate there every year… For a total of more than 32 million Euros spent! On average, a 500 gram box is sold every 15 seconds. And before Sabena went bankrupt, when the airport was even busier, the figures were even more impressive.

Chocolate is THE gift product par excellence. Everyone loves chocolate. And there is such a variety of it that it is difficult not to be seduced: Dark, white, brown, flavoured or pure, with milk, fruit, or with more original tastes (whisky, basil, mint etc), the craftsmen do not lack the audacity to seduce the greedy and the curious! Moreover, it is much easier to transport than other Belgian specialities, such as home-made beer, which is very heavy in luggage, or French fries which are not easy to travel with!

At this price, and given the turnover it generates, Belgian chocolate therefore well deserves its nickname of “Brown Gold”!

At Brussels By Foot, we’ve got a champion…

As for us at Brussels By Foot, we’ve chosen our favorite. It’s the inventive creator Frédéric Blondeel. He travels all over the world in search of the best beans. He then transforms them himself, with love, for many years. The simple smell of cocoa in his shops is enough to cheer you up. We make stops there with our groups during our gourmet tours. Yummy!

But whether you buy from Frederic Blondeel or not, please choose an independent chocolatier, not an international brand.