Solutions for all groups

Group arrested in the rue des Chandeliers in the Marolles during the visit Brussels 1000 years of struggles of Brussels By Foot

Looking for a group activity or team building in Brussels ? In the span of its quite recent history, having served many different clients, Brussels By Foot has specialized in tailored experiences for all kind of groups. Thanks to our expertise and extensive address book, we are able to offer tours and activities specifically designed for your group according to your wants and needs.

​Every tour can be carried out in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish. We also are able to adapt our content to a specific audience, be it schools, youths, non-English speakers or those just learning a second language…

Based on a simple chat and exchange of information, we can create together your unique experience.


Demonstration during the Battle of the Marolles in 1969. We talk about this social struggle during the visit Brussels 1000 years of struggles of Brussels By Foot


Right in the city center, discover the urban and social struggles that made Brussels as it is today.

Stromae. This emblematic Brussels guy is evoked during Brussels By Foot's Visit of Celebrity Brussels


Discover the good, bad & ugly… the famous, infamous & anonymous… All those who shaped Brussels and its history.

Visite Art Nouveau - Brussels By Foot


It’s called the “Brussels Art Nouveau Gallery”. Discover a district that took off at the same time as the Art Nouveau movement, between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.


Guided tour Brussels 1000 years of struggles in the Marolles of Brussels By Foot

Tour “Catalog”

Keeping things simple in order to have a good time…

Are you more into a “social struggle” theme, or would you prefer something lighter like “Celebrity Brussels?” Pick one of our tours and we will adapt it to your special interest.

We’re also flexible on duration and can even mix different tours and topics.

Price : from 8 € ppDuration : 1h to 2h30

Chocolate tasting at Frédéric Blondeel's during a tour with Brussels By Foot

The Food and Beer Siege – Gastronomic tour

Our best seller !

​Pimp your tour fueling it with one or more “tasting stops.”

Belgian chocolate tour ? Belgian beer tour ? Or a mix ?…

The best Brussels food artisans are in our little black book. Enjoy “tasting breaks” during the tour. Let’s partake in Brussel’s best chocolates and try local specialties such as “Bloempanch” or “Pottekeis,” and culminate each tour with a blindfolded beer tasting test.

Price : from 12 € ppDuration : 1h to 2h30

Aperitif at the end of the tour and team building for this big group with Brussels BY Foot

“All In” Tour

VIP service

Would you like to dine in a specific restaurant after the tour? Apero tasting? How about a museum visit or an escape game? Leave it to us to arrange your entire day.

No worries, everything will be ready when you arrive.

Price : from 15 € ppDuration : from 1h30

3-course walk with Brussels By Foot. Starter, main course and dessert in 3 different restaurants

The 3-Course Tour

Enjoy the starter, main course and dessert in 3 different restaurants along the tour!

…Really integrate your menu into the guided tour. Starter-dish, main course and dessert… 2, 3, or 4 courses: We create your menu of the day “à la carte”.

Take the starter in a gastronomic restaurant, the main course in a “brasserie” and a refreshing coffee in an old “bistro”… Or an Italian aperitif, an Asian starter and an Indian dish, why not…

Price : from 50 € ppDuration : 2h30 to 4h